"3350" refers to the
Access storage, Models
native mode.
IBM 3350 Direct
A2 and B2, in "FB-512" refers to the IBM 3310 and 3370 Direct Access storage Devices. "VM/370 hardware assist" refers to both
the virtual machine assist function and VM/370 Extended Control-Program support. Some form of the VM/370 hardware assist
is available on all VM/370 supported System/370 svstems except the 155 II, 165-111, and 4331. Befer to IBM yirtua! Machi!!g Fa£ili:!:'YL37Q: Pla.n.ning ang System. Guide, Order No. GC20-1801, for further device
information on the VM/370 hardware
assist and ECPS features. Any information pertaining to the IBM
2741 terminal also applies to the IBM 3767 terminal, Model 1, operating as a
2741, unless otherwise specified. The term "processor" used in this
publication means the main processor
which is the processor with I/O handling
capabilities. The term "attached
processor" means a processor that has no I/O capabilities; an attached processor
is always linked to a main processor for
utilization. The terms "processor" and
"attached processor" are not to be
construed to mean an operation within a
system complex where both processors are
to perform I/O operations. VM/370 supports I/O on only one processor in a two processor configuration. "3800" refers to the IBM 3800 printing
Subsystem. "3850" refers to the IBM 3850 Mass Storage System. For a glossary of VM/370 terms, see the IBl1 !:gcility/37Q: §lossy'y Index, Order No. GC20-1813. PREREQUISITE PUBLICATIONS The concepts of VM/370 and its four
components, CP, CMS, RSCS, and IPCS are
described in the IBM Virtual Machine FaciliiILlIQ: Introduc!j2n;---Order---No: GC20-1800. The physical operation of the
machine console is covered in Virtual l1gching Faci!i!.YLlIQ: User's Guigg, Order No. GC20-1810. virtual
the IBM If the IBM 3767 Communications Terminal
is to be used as a virtual console, the
publication 3761 Order No. GA18-2000, should be used in
conjunction with VMLlIQ Guide. ASSOCIATED PUBLICATIONS CP error messages and return codes that may
be issued to a user during a
session are documented in IBM Maching Facility/370: System Order No. GC20-1808. terminal General users intending to BSCS, or IPCS will find the
command languages documented
following publications:
run CMS, respective
in the CMS Command and Mac£Q Order No. (;(;20=1818-- CMS Q§g£!§ Guide, Order No. GC20-1819 Beference-s in text to titles of
prerequisite and corequisite VM/370 publications are given in abbreviated form.
iv IBM VM/370 CP Command Reference for General Users
The entries in this Table of Contents are accumulative. They list additions to t.his
publication by the following VM/370 System Contol Program Products: VM/370 Basic System Extensions, Program Number 5748-XX8 VM/370 system Extensions, Program Number 5748-XE1 However, the text within the publication is not accumulative; it only relates to the one SCP proqram product that is installed on your Therefore, there may be topics and
references listed in this Table of contents that are not contained in the body of this
publication. SUMMARY OF AMENDMENTS. ix PART 1. GUIDANCE INFORMATION PART 1. GUIDANCE INFORMATION. SECTION 1. THE VH/370 COMMAND LANGUAGES. VM/310 Command Environments. _ VM/310 CP Command Structure. The Command Name The Command Operands Comments in the CP Command language. Character Set Usaqe. 1 1
4 4 4
privilege Classes for CP Commands. 7 CP Commands Accepted From Each User Class
Class. .9
The Class G Commands. .2
The Class Any Commands 12 SECTION 3. CP COMMAND USAGE. 13
Controlling and Output Functions. 14
virtual Disks. 15 Permanent virtual Disks. ••• 16
Temporary Virtual Disks. ,. 16 Sharing Virtual Disks. 16 Virtual unit Record Devices. 11 Virtual Unit Record Spooling 17 Spool File Characteristics 18
virtual Console Spooling 19
Reordering and purqing Spool Files 20 Dedicated Devices. 20 Dedicated Channels 22
Controlling the virtual Machine. 22 Loading an Operating System. 22 Simulating Interrupts. 24
Entering CP Commands 24
Enterinq CP Commands when the Virtual Machine is Runninq 24
Entering CP Commands from the Virtual Console Read Environment 25
Entering CP Commands from CP Console
Function Mode. 26
Reconfiguring the Virtual Machine. 26
Testing and Debugging of Programs Stopping Execution of Your Virtual Machine. Displaying Virtual Storage Terminal Output. Byte Alignment on Terminal Output •• Printer Output Altering Virtual Storage Tracing Virtual Machine Activity PART 2. REFERENCE INFORMATION ••• SECTION 4. NOTATIONAL CONVENTIONS. 27 28 28 28 29 30 31 33 35 37 SECTION 5. FORMAT OF CP COMMANDS 41
*. . . . . . . . . . 42 #CP. ••••• 43 ADS TOP 4S ATTN 47
CHANGE 49 CLO SEe 53 COUPLE 4 57 CP 59
LINK. 91 LOADVFCB 95 LOGOFF 97 LOGON. 99 MESSAGE. .102 NOTREADY .104 ORDER. 105 PUR GE. .107 QUERY. .109 QUERY Command for Class G Users. .110 Contents v
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