172 section 5. Format of CP Commands
Appendix. VM/370 Command Summary This appendix contains brief descriptions of all the commands acceptable
to the CP, CBS and RSCS components of the VM/370 system. Figure 10 contains an alphabetical list of the
privi1eqe classes which may execute the command, and
about the use of each command.
CP commands, the
a brief statement
r----------------------------------------------------------------------------, I I Command 1------ tCl? ICNT IDS TOP ITTACH ITTN IUTOLOG BICKSPAC BEGIN CHANGE CLOSE COUPLE CP DCP DElINE Privilege Class any any
any C,E B
G Usage Annotate the Execute a CP command while remaining in the
virtual machine environment.
Create accounting records for logged on users,
and reset accou nt ing date.
Halt execution at a specific virtual machine
instruction address.
Attach a real device to a virtual machine.
Attach a DASD device for CP control.
Dedicate all devices on a particular channel
to a virtual machine. Make an attention interruption pending for the
virtual machine console.
Automatically log on a virtual machine and
have it oper at e in disco nnect mode.
Restart or reposition the output of a unit
record spooling device.
Continue or resume execution of the virtual
machine at either a specific storage location
or at the address in the current psw.
Alter one or more attributes of a closed spool
Terminate spooling operations on a virtual card
reader, punch, printer, or console.
Connect channel-to-channel adapters.
Execute a CP command while remaining in the CMS virtual machine environmenta Display real storage at terminal.
Fedefine the usage of SYSVIRT and VIRTUAL 3330V devices.
Reconfigure your virtual machine. Figure 10. CP Command Summary (Part 1 of 4)
Appendix: VM/370 Command Summary 173
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