function, the existence of blanks preceding the keyword TAB or
the lack of trailinq tab settings forces the pf key to be
treated as ufdata. PFnn [COPY [resid]l
specifies that the program function key numbered nn performs a COpy function for a remote 3270 terminal. The number, nn,
must be a value from 1 (or 01) to 12. The COPY function a printed output of the entire screen display at the
time the PF key is actuated. The output is printed on an IBM printer connected to the same control unit as your display terminal. The resource identification, resid, may be
specified if more than one printer is connected to the same
control unit as your display terminal. It is a
three-character hexadecimal resource identification number
assigned to a specific printer. If resid is entered, the
printed copy is directed to a specific printer; if not, the copy is printed on the printer with the lowest resid number.
The resid numbers of the printers available to your display terminal can be obtained from your system operator. If only
one printer is available, as with the 3275 Display Station,
resid need not be specified. PFnn [COpy [cuu]]
specifies that the designated program function key, PFnn, performs a COpy function for a local 3270 terminal. The
numher of the PF key, nn, must be a value from 1 (or 01) to
12. When the PF key is pressed, the function produces a
printed outuut of the entire local screen display except for
the status field, which is replaced with blanks. The cuu
represents the real hardware address of the display printer,
and may specify a printer that is on a different control unit
than the one to which your 3270 is attached. If you do not
specify cuu, the printer with the lowest cuu that is available
on the same control unit as your 3270 is selected. For both remote and local COpy functions:
1. receive a NOT ACCEPTED message, displayed in the screen status field of your 3270, if any of the following situations occur: The printer is already busy, or all printers are busy. The printer is turned off. The printer is operational but has not been varied online by the
system operator. The printer is out of paper
intervention-required condition.
or is in any other The designated device is not a 3284/3286/3287/3288/3289 printer. The SET PFnn COPY command format is invalid.
2. You include your own identification on the printed output by enterinq the data into the user input area of the screen before you press the OF key. The identification appears on the last two lines
of the printed copy.
136 VM/370 CP Command Peference for General Users
SET 3. To ensure the definition of a pf key for the COpy function, you can
either start with one leadinq blank before the keyword COpy or follow the keyword with at least five blanks.
4. The existence of more than one data fileid (cuu or residt following
the keyword Cooy, identifies the string as pfdata rather than a
hardcopy request.
1. System values for SET operands or the values set by previously invoken SET command operands can be dgtermined by the
use of the QUERY command.
2. SET rIMER REAL must be specified if an interrupt-driven system such as Customer Information Control System (CICS) is to be run in a
virtual machine. 3. Both SET PFnn TAB and SET PFnn COpy are executed immediately upon
pressing the appropriate program function key. If you insert the keywor1s DELAYED or IMMED after the PFnn operand, the command is
accepted, but the keyword is ignored. The program function still
executes immediately.
4. In the case of systems with attached processors, the VM/370 assists may be installed on none, one, or both processors. Similarly, hardware assist, if equipped on both processors of an
attached processor system, can be activated for none, either, or
both systems by the system operator. Thus, with the AFFINITY setting of a virtual machine, the user can receive no response
indi:ating that VM/370 hardware assist is installed and active on
his pro:essor. In attached processor setups where the user has no
processor preference (AFFINITY=NONE) upon entering SET ASSIST he too receives no response if either processor has VM/370 hardware
assist active. Any error message is indicative that VM/370 assist is not available or active for user. If the user
receives a message indicating that VM/370 hardware assist is not
available on a particular processor it is also implying that it is
available on the other processor. Therefore, the user, to take advantage of VM/370 hardware, need only change his affinity
setting, then initiate the SET ASSIST command. If you use the SET PFnn command to set up a series of concatenated you should be careful of line-editing characters. The examples demonstrate two methods for entering a series of
6. The SET RUN ON command should be issued before the user issues an ADSTC>P command.
Enter the following command while in CMS mode:
set linedit on
and press the ENTER key.
section 5. Format of CP Commands 137
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