MESSAGE Use the MESSAGE command to transmit message text to a specified userid
or to the primary system operator. The format of the MESSAGE command
Message MSG } msgtext OPerator ---, I I I J is the identification of the user who is to receive the
* that you are sending a message to yourself. OPERATJR the message to the primary system operator regardless of
his userid.
msgtext is the text of the message that is to be transmitted. The
length of the message is limited by the number of characters
remaining on the input line after entering the command and the
appropriate operand.
1. If the user designated to receive the message is not logged on or hiS suppressed the receiving of messages (SET "SG OFFt, the message
is transmitted and the sender receives a diagnostic message to
this effect. A message which is not received by a user is not save1 and must be sent at a later time when the user is receiving messiges. 2. The nessige is displayed at the terminal when the terminal is ready
to receive output. If a typewriter terminal (or a display terminal having set eN) is entering 1ata, the message is not displayed until an end-of-line (carriage return or ENTERt signal is
3. If the message
and SET MSG ON sounds.
is received by the primary
is in effect, the alarm
system operator console
at the central computer
4. If the user receiving the message is logged on with a 3277 virtual that has the alarm feature, the alarm sounds.
5. * is useful in identifyinq the current userid of an abandoned
terminal, or it can be used in a program intended to be executed under userids. 102 Commana Reference for General Users
MESSAGE hh:mm:ss MSG FROM OPERAT0R: msqtext
is the messaqe received by the user from the system operator.
hh:mm:ss MSG FROM msqtext user1.1 . LOGNxxxx
is the format of the messaqe sent to another user or to the s,stem operatot, where userid is tbat of the sender. If the
user sendinq the message is not logged on to VK/370, LOGON or and the line number are displayed instead of userid.
is the time in hours:minutes:seconds when the message was sent
to the user.
section 5. Format of CP Commands 103
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