letters and words, and the following symbols, should be enterel as soecified in the format box.
asterisk *
hyphen equal siqn
par en theses () perioJ. colon Lowercase letters, words, and symbols that appear in the command
format bOK represent variables for which specific information should
be stlbstituted. For example, "hexloc" indicates that a hexadecimal
storaqe location address is to be entered. The abbreviations fn and ft are used to refer to filename and
filetype resnectively. The combination of fn ft are sometimes
collectively referred to as file identification or fileid. Choices are represented in the command format boxes by stacking.
C An 11nderscore indicates an assumed default. If an underscored choice
is selecteJ., it need not be specified when the command is entered. The representation A J2 c
indicates that either A,
selected, it neec not be assllmeJ.. B, or C may be selected. However, if B is
speci fied. Or, if n one is entered I B is The use of braces denotes choices, one of which be selected. The representation
indicates that you specify either A, or B, or C.
choices is enclosed by neither brackets or braces, treate3 3S if enclosed by braces. 33 IBM CP Command Reference for General Users If a list of
it is to be
The use of brackets denotes choices, one of which be selected. The representation
r ,
i A I B I C
indicates that you may enter A, B, or C, or you may omit the field.
In instances where there are nested
lines, the followinq rule applies;
dependent apon the selection of the braces or brackets on the text
nested operand selection is
operand of a higher level of
Nestinq levels are represented as follows
[Level 1 rLevel 2 [Level 3 ]]]
[filename rfiletype [filemode]]] Where the hiqhest level of nesting is the operand that is enclosed in only one pair of brackets and the lowest level of nestinq is the operanj that is enclosed by the maximum number of brackets. Thus in
the previons example, the user has the option of selecting a file by
filename only, or filename filetype only or by filename filetype The user cannot select filetype alone because filetype is
nested within filename; and, as noted, our rule states: the higher
level nestinq must be selected in order to select the next level level) operand. The same is true if the user wants to select filemoje; filename and filetype must also be selected. An ellipsis indicates that the preceding item or group of items may
be repeated more than once in succession. The representation (spoolij1 spoolid2 ••• }
inaicates that more than one spoolid may be coded within the braces.
section 4. Notational Conventions 39
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