184 IBft VM/370 CP Command Reference for General Users
Index The entries in this Index are accumulative. They list additions to this publication by
the following VM/370 System Control Program Products: VM/370 Basic system Extensions, program Number 5748-XX8 VM/370 System Extensions, program Number 5748-XE1 However, the text within the publication is not accumulative; it only relates to the one SCP program product that is installed on your system. Therefore, there may be topics and
references listed in this Index that are not contained in the body of this publication.
command (CP) descr ibed 42
summary 172
* operand
of MESSAGE command (CP) 102 of SPOOL command (CP) 141
*dumpid operand, VMDUKP command 169
command (CP) commandline operand 43
described 43
summary 172
tcp command (CP), example of usage 44
abbreviation, use of 37
accounting, information, displaying 129
ACNT, command (CP), summary 172 AeNT operand, of SET command (ep) i29 ADSTOP command (CP) descr ibed 45
hexloc operand 45 OFF operand 45
summary 172 AFFINITY operand, of SET command (CP) 129
affinity setting, relation to the logon
process 99
ALL operand
of CHANGE command (CP) 49
of PURGE command (CP) 107 of QUERY command (CP) 110 of TRACE command (CP) 161
of TRANSFER command (CP) 166
attributes of
virtual printer file 49
virtual punch file 49
virtual reader file 49 logical editing symbols 157
virtual machine environment 60 annotating your console sheet 42
Any user, described 8 APL, control of translation tables 157 APL operand, of TERMINAL command (CP) 157
ASSIST operand, of SET command (CP) 129
ATTACH, command (CP), summary 172
attached processor, INDICATE command (CP) use for monitor of system load 85
attached processor application, use of SET
handling, terminal control of 157
entering from your virtual console
for a virtual machine 126
command (CP) described 47
summary 172
ATTN operand, of TERMINAL command (CP) 157
modifying, for 3800 printer 141
spool file, changing 49
virtual device, modifying 141 AUTOCR option, of PARK operand, for IPL command (CP) AUTOPOLL operand, of SET command (CP) 129
BACKS PAC, command (CP), summary 172
BATCH option, of PARK operand, for IPL command (CP) 90 BEGIN
command (CP) described 48
hexloc operand 48
summary 172
BEGIN command (CP), used with the DISCONN command (CP) 72
blanks, as delimiters 3
block address
used to load a system
at IPL (5748-XX8) 88
at 1Ft (574S-"!E1) 88 BOTH operand, of TRACE command (CP) 161
braces, use of 38
brackets, use of 38
BRANCH operand, of TRACE command (CP) 161
Index 185
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