#CP tables and does not recoqnize the logical line end
character (#).
r--------- I I Command I #CP I , #CP guery files #CP query files#query users
data enteredt#CP msg op is tape
available #CP data entered
data entered¢#CP tcp query files¢data entered
L __ _ System Action Your virtual machine enters CP environment. QUERY command executed.
Two separate QUERY commands
"Data entered" is ignored. You send a message to the
operator. You enter CP environment and CP interprets "data entered"
as an invalid operand.
"Data entered" is ignored. You enter CP environment. QUERY command is not executed;
console input (data entered)
passes to the virtual machine. figure 6. System Action Taken on a #cP Command
If yOU enter fCO without a commandline, you receive this message:
If you enter #CP with commandlines, you receive the responses
appropriate to the individual commands you entered.
44 IBM CP Command Reference for General Users
ADSTOP use the ADSTOP command to halt the execution of a virtual machine at a
virtual instruction address. Execution halts when the instruction at
the address specified in the command is the next instruction to be
executed. Only one ADSTOP eommand can be in effect at a given time. If
a second ADSTOO command is issued, the previous ADSTOP setting is
canceled. The format of the ADSTOP command is:
r------- ADSTOP {
hexloc } OFF L _______ _ hexlLc is the hexadecimal representation of the virtual instruction
address where execution is to be halted a OFF cancels any pEevious ADSTOP setting.
1. When halts, the CP command mode is entered and a message
is displayed. this point, you may invoke other debugging
commands. To resume operation of the virtual machine, issue the BEGIN Once an ADSTOP location is set, it is removed (tuEned off) by the following: Reaching the virtual storaqe location specified in the ADSTOP command Performing a virtual IPL or SYSTEM RESET Issuinq the ADSTOP OFF command specifvinq a different location with a new ADsrop hexloc command
2. Since the ADSTOP function modifies storage by placing a CP SVC X'B3' at the specified location, you should not: Desiqnate an address within a shared segment. If a shared
segment is modified by an ADS TOP command, a warninq message is
issued to the user and the virtual machine is unshared from
(qiven a private copy of) the named system. other users of the
seqment continue to operate with an unchanged copy of that
segment. Use the TPACE command with the INSTRUCT, BRANCH, or ALL operands a traced instruction is located at the ADSTO? address. Section 5. Format of CP 45
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