CP DUMP SERVICES FOR VIRTUAL MACHINES Ne!: Command for A new CP VMDUMP command for general
users dumps virtual storage of quest
virtual machines when used with the
VM/Interactive problem Control System Extension (VM/IPCS Extension) program
product. VMDUMP provides the VM/IPCS Extension with header information to
identify the owner of the dump; the
command also formats the dump and writes
it to a spool file.
x YM/3 U CP Command Reference for General Users Summary of Amendments
for GC20-1820-3 as Updated by TNL GN25-0494 VM/370 Release 6 PLC 4
Summary of Amendments
for GC20-1820-3 VM/370 Release 6 PLC 1 VM/370 SUPPORTS THE 3800 PRINTER SUBSYSTEM Ne!: Device Support VM/370 provides support for the 3800 printer as a real spooling As a spooling device, the following hardware
features of the 3800 printer are
supported: Automatic loading of character set
arrangement tables Graphic modification support Forms overlay feature (flashinq) Copy modification
To facilitate 3800 Printer Subsystem support, the following CP commands have
been modified:
with the 4331 and 4341 processors, VM/370 provides system console support
for the 3278 Model 2A display station.
The 3278 Model 2A console is a variation
of the 3278 display console.
Impact of this new device support has
resulted in the addition of a new
operand to the TEFMINAL command and a
new response to the QUEFY TERMINAL
command. VM/370 OFFERS MASS STORAGE SYSTEM (MSS) EXTENDED SUPPORT New: Program and Documentation
For Release 6: MSS minidisk support has
been added. The minidisk appears to the
virtual machine to be defined on a
permanently mounted IBM 3330-1 disk
This new support has resulted in the
modification of the DEFINE command in
Fiqure 4 and Figure 10. VM/370 SUPPORTS SPECIAL MESSAGE FACILITY New: Program Feature
The special message facility provides a
means of transmitting special messages
from a user to a specially programmed
virtual machine for processing.
A new SMSG command has been added to the
class G CP commands that permits a user
to issue special messages. The SET command also has a new operand, SMSG. Further information on the special
message facility can be obtained in the
description of these commands. VM/370 SUPPORTS AUTOMATIC RE1NIT1ALIZATION
New: Program Feature
This support enables a CMS virtual
machine to automatically execute its PROFILE EXEC and establish itself
without forcing tke user to hit the
enter key after 1PL. The AUTOCR option has
operand of
the "Usage command ..
(automatic carriage return)
been added to the PARM the IPL command. Refer to
Notes" discussion for the IPL Summary of Amendments xi
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