controls whether ter-minal or not
issues the CP accounting information is displayed at the (ON and OFF, respectively) when the operator ACNT command. When you log on VM/370, ACNT is
set on. AUTOPOLL {g;F} MSG {ON } OFF SMSG WNG {ON .} OFF TMSG controls whether or not cp tests each BTAM autopoll C:W to see if it has been dynamically modified. ON indicates that (1) CP testing, and (2) the VS1 operating system is to
notify CP, via the DIAGNOSE instruction code X'0028', after an crw has been modified. ON substantially reduces the over-head required by CP to service BTAM autopoll channel pr-oqrams. OFF causes CP to check each autopoll C:W after each
execution of the channel program and is the default status
when the user logs on. NQtg: you SET AUTOPOLL ON and the virtual operating system does not have the appropriate Diagnose interface, :P does not
detect chanqes to BTAM channel programs and unpredictabie
results can occur. OS/VS 1 Release 6.0, however, does have
this interface.
controls whether messages sent by the MSG command from other user-s ar-e to be received at the terminal. If ON is specified,
the messages are displayed. If OFF is specified, no messages ar-e received. In addition to controlling messages generated bV the MESSAGE command, spooling messages generated by users
sending punch, printer or reader files to another virtual
machine are also suppressed if OFF is specified. When you log
on VM/370, is set on. whether a virtual machine is rece1v1ng special
messages or not. If OFF is specified, the virtual machine
cannot receive special msssages.
controls whether warning messages are displayed at the terminal. ON is specified, all warning messages sent via
the CP WARNING command from the system operator are received
at the terminal. If OFF is specified, no warning messages are r-eceived. When you log on VM/370, WNG is set on.
controls whether certain informational responses issued by the CP CHANGE, DEFINE, DETACH, IPL, ORDER, PURGE, and TRANSFER commands are displayed at the terminal or not. The
descriptions of these CP commands tell which responses are affected. If ON is specified the informational responses are If OFF is specified, they are not. The SET IMSG ON or OFF command line has no effect on the handling of error
messaqes set by the SET EMSG command. When you log on VM/370, IMSG is set on. 130 IBM VM/370 CP Command Reference for General Users
SET RUN {ON } OFF controls whether the virtual machine stops when the attention
key is pressed. ON allows you to activate the attention key
(causinq a read of a CP command) without stopping your virtual
machine. When the CP command is entered, it is immediately
executed and the virtual machine resumes execution. OFF places the virtual machine in the normal CP environment, so
that when the attention key is pressed, the virtual machine
stops. When you loq on VM/370, RUN is set off.
LTNEDTT } OFF RCMODE TSAft1 NOTRANS controls the line editinq functions. ON specifies that the
line editing functions and the symbols of the system
are to be used to edit virtual processor console input reqaestSe establishes line editing features in systems
that do not normally provide them. OFF specifies that no character or line editing is to be used for the virtual
machine operating system. When you log on VM/370, LINEDIT is
set on. {
OFF controls whether the virtual machine operating system may use System/370 extended control mode and control registers 1 15. Control reqister 0 may be used with E:MODE either ON or OFF. When you loq on VM/370, ECMODE is set according to
the user's directory option; ON if was specified and OFF if not. NQl§: Execution of the SET ECMODE {ONIOFF} command always
causes a virtual system reset, but does not change the PSW ECMODE bit. controls whether additional checking is performed on virtual IIO requests to DASD in order to support the OS Indexed SeQ1entiai Access Method (ISAH). When you log on VM/370, ISAM is set accordinq to the user's directory options; ON if was soecified and OFF if not. controls ccw translation for CP. NOTFANS can be specified
only by a virtual machine that occupies the virtual=real space. It causes all virtual 1/0 from the issuing virtual
machine to bypass the CP CCW translation except under the following conditions: SIO tracinq active First ccw not in the V=R region I/O operation is a sense command I/O device is a dial-up terminal 1/0 is for a non-dedicated device Pendinq device status
Any of the above conditions forces CCW translation.
To be in effect in the virtual=real environment, SET NOTRANS ON must be issued after the virtual=real machine is loaded via
the Tot command. (IPL sets the NOTRANS option to an OFF condi tion. ) Section 5. Format of CP Commands 131
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