QUERY userid is the identification of the user who the
link. vaddr is the virtual address by which the user (userid) refers
to the device. R/O is the type of access the user (userid) has to the
R/W device. r , I r---Additional Information----, I r--------Basic Information----------, I I I I I I I V V I V V IDATE TIME NAME TYPE DIST , ORIGINID FILE CLASS RECORDS CPY HOLD Imm/dd hh:mm:ss fn ft distcodel
user id file a tV? norecs [* lnn stat I I user id
a tyo norecs
[* lnn I r-----Table Information ------, 1 , I I , I V V I IFLASH CHAR FCB MDFY FLSHC I lovly ctab pcpi cmod cc I L J
is the user who oriqinally created the file.
is a unique, system-assigned number which is used by VM/370 to
identify the file.
is the spool file class.
is the oriqinatinq device type (PRT, PUN, CON, or RDR).
is the number of loqical records contained in the file.
is the number of copies assigned to the file (it has no effect for virtual reader files). Appearance of the asterisk
indicates that spool file duplication is handled by the 3800 printer. The device copies a spool file internally one page
at a time (collated output produced).
Note: For further information on altering spool file attributes, refer
to the CHANGE command in section 5.
is the file hold status: NONE (no hold), USER (user hold), SIS (system hold), or USYS (system and user hold) is the date the file was created in month/day.
is the time the file was
hours:minutes:seconds. For some
console files, this time may be a
time at which the file is closed.
opened for creation in
files, such as spooled
span of hours before the
fn is the filename assigned to the file (if any). If the file
has a 24-character data set name (dsname), only 20 characters are displaved. These characters extend from the "name" field
t h r 0 u q h the .. t y p e" f i el d 120 iM/370 command Reference tor General Users
ft is the filetype assigned to the file (if any).
distcode is the distribution code assiqned to the file.
is the name of the forms overlay frame superimposed on the output. is the name of the character arranqement table used to
qenerate output.
is the name of the FCB module used in the vertical formatting
of a nage.
is the name of the copy modification module used to alter output text.
is the number of copies that are printed while the forms
overlay frame is in place. When issue QUERY READER, QUERY PRINTER, or QUERY PUNCH commands, CP responls by listing (in form described) all the closed spool
files associated with your virtual reader, printer, or punchw The information listinq DATE, TIME, NAME, TIPE, and DIST (date of
file creation, time of file creation, filename, filetype and file
distribution coie) is displayed only when you specify the !LL or spoolid
operands. However, if you specify the TBL operand, the information
listinq FLASH, CHAPS, FCB, MDFY, and FLSHC (3800 overlay form, 3800 character arranqement table, 3800 vertical formatting, 3800 copy
modifications, and the number of copies to be printed by 3800 with
overlay is displayed. Once a printer file starts printing, it does not appear in the
response to a QUEFY PRINTER command.
If a reader file appears to be lost, due to the virtual machine
abnormally terminatinq without closing the reader, you can issue the
commands SPOOL READER HOLD and CLOSE READER to try to recover the reader
To terminate the displaying of the response to a QUERY RE!DER6 QUERY PRINTER, or QUERY PUNCH command, press the Attention key (or its
equivalent) r , Itab... , {
I PFnn DELAY Ipfdata1 ••• 1 L J
The proqram function defined for a program
displayed. If there is -no function defined
function key, the following messaqe is issued: PFnn UNDEFINED function
for the
key is
section 5. Format of CP :ommands 121
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