LOGON a reconnect, CP resets the linedel character to the
one specified in the directory (the default value). Therefore, if
you issue the SET or TERMINAL command with more than one operand
and you specify an operand that is reset following a disconnect, re-issue the same SET or TEFMINAL command again after you are reconnectea. Issue the QUEFY SET and QUERY TERMINAL command lines check which functions are currently active.
4. During the virtual machine logon process on a VM/310 system
generated for attached processinq operation but operating in
uniprocessor mode, a message is sent to the user with attached AFFINITY set (via the user directory's OPTION statement) the AFFINITY setting of his virtual machine is nullified by
the system's uniprocessor mode of operation. 5. If the LOGON/AUTOLOG/LINK journaling facility is activated, accounting records are produced for unsuccessful logon attempts
with incorrect passwords. If system defined values are exceeded
attempting to logon with trial passwords, a message is issued to an userid and the LOGON command is disabled. The default
is four incorrect loqon passwords. ENTER PASSWORD: that the userid has been accepted. You should type in
the password, or signal a carriage return if a mask is desired for.
the and MASK was not included on the command line. hh:mm:ss mm/dd/yy
indicates the time and date at which the system log message was generated or most recently revised. All lines of the log message for which the first character is an asterisk are displayed at this If you wish to see all of the system log messages, you must
issue the co command QUERY LOGMSG. FILES: {nnn} RDR, {'nnn} PRT, {nnn} PUN NO NO This messaqe is omitted if all counts are zero; otherwise, it indicates the number of spool files that exist for you at logon
time. LOGON AT hh:mm:ss zone weekday mm/dd/yy
-- or --
RECONNECTED AT hh:mm:ss zone weekday mm/dd/yy indicates the time, day of the week, and date at which the LOGON or RECONNECT is complete. 100 IBM VM/370 CP Command Reference for General Users
GRA F radar}
LINE LOGON AS userid DEV resl.d
-- or -- RECONNECT userid (DEV resl.d) LOGON USERS = nnn USERS = nnn is the response to the primary system operator. DEV resid
specifies the resource identification of a 3704/3705 line. Section 5. Format of CP Commands 101
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