DEFINE CHANNELS rAS] {C:EL} BMX the channel mode of operation for the virtual
machine to either selector or block multiplexer. Use of the SEt (selector channeU or BMX (block multiplexer channel) sets the mode of operation for all channels except channel O. Channel 0 always operates in byte
multiplexer mode. The real or virtual channel-to-channel always operates in selector mode. multiplexer mode may enhance the virtual machine's system by allowinq the overlap of Start I/O This is done by reflecting a channel condition co1e of 0 back to the virtual machine rather than a channel
busy siqnal.
Note: The machine is immediately reset when this set
of operands is executed.
LINE [AS 1 vaddr I" I I TELE[2JI L J a11S a virtual 2701/2702/2703 specified by vaddr
communication line with the
to the virtual machine
IBM1 indicates that an IBM-type terminal (2741, 1050, or
equivalent) is on the 2701/2702/2103 line. TELE2 indicates
that a teletypewriter is on the 2101/2102/2103 line. r , Gl:?AF' cuu 3033 3036 3148
3158 3210 L J
defines a temporary 3033, 3036, 3210, 3138, 3148, or 3158 (the
console used on the IBM System/310 Kodel 138, 148, or 158) for
the machine. The cuu is the hexadecimal virtual for the device. After you define the 3033, 3036, 3270, 3138, 3148, or 3158, you must issue the CP DIAL command
from the device in order to use it. The device must be
supported by the virtual machine's operating system.
vaddr1 [AS] vaddr2 the device represented by vaddr1 as vaddr2. The address, vaddr1, must represent a defined device in
the virtual machine configuration.
If vaddr1 is a 2305, both vaddr1 and vaddr2 must be as base addresses (xxO or xx8). Also, when you a dedicated 2305, all eight exposure addresses are For example, if 1BO is the base address of a
dedicated 2305, the command define 1bO as 1dO redefines addresses 1BO throuqh 1B1 as 1DO through 1D1,
respectively. IBM CP Command Reference for General Users
A VM/370 virtual machine that has a Mass storage System's MSC port and 3330 virtual volume (3330V) addresses dedicated to it
must ensure that the 3330V addresses used by the virtual
machine are the same addresses as those specified in the mass
table create control statements and in the input to the as/vs
system generation process because VM/310 does not perform device mapping for MSC messaqes or orders.
If desired, an installation may choose to use the same mass
table create input for the multiple real processor environment
as as the single processor environment running VM/370 with multiple virtual processors (virtual machines). Mass table create permits definition of the same set of device
addresses for more than one CPUID. One set of addresses can
be redefined later under VM/370 so that VM/310 can run two or
more MSS virtual machines on a single real machine. Mass table create control statements
addresses 120 through 12F for CPUID A
virtual machine user. The same set
defined for CPUID B. VM/370, on the defined addresses 120 through 12F and
separate devices in DMKRIO. may define 3330V associated with one
of addresses may be
other hand may have 220 through 22F as All virtual machines must address the 3330V devices via 120 12F since these are the addresses predefined in the
mass table create program and by the OS/VS system generation
process. BV means of the DEDICATE statement in USER1's directory, the installation may choose to DEDICATE real
addresses 120 through 12F as virtual addresses 120 through
12F. In a similar manner, the installation may choose to real addresses 220 through 22F to USER2 as virtual
addresses 120 throuqh 12F. The same could be accomplished by
attaching the string of addresses and then redefining them by
means of the DEFINE T2305 [ASl vaddr reYLl nnn T2314 rr2319 rr3330 T3340 T3350 adds a temporary virtual disk of the specified type to the
virtual machine configuration. The vaddr specifies the
address of the disk, and must not be on a virtual control unit
already defined as a CTCA. CYL nnn specifies the number of
cylinders that the disk contains. Specify T3350 if a 3350 is use1 in native _ode; specify T3330 if a 3350 is used in 3330 compatibility mode. Specify T3340 if a 3344 is used.
When you define temporary disk space on a 2305 device, only
the vaddr specified is defined (not all eight addresses with the device). NQtg: Temporary disk space is assigned from a pool of DASD resources; therefore, you should always format your temporary disk space before you use it. For the same reason, you should always clear disk space before you either release it
or log off. Data that is not erased before detaching the
T-disk might be available to the next user assigned that same
area in a subsequent DEFINE operation. Section 5. Format of CP Commands 63
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