CHASGE This is the response when you issue the CHANGE command. This is an indi=ation of the number of files changed. It does not reflect individual alterations to a given file. This message does not
appear if you have issued the CP SET IMSG OFF command line.
52 VM/370 CP Command Reference for General Users
CLOSE Use the CLOSE command to terminate the spooling activity on any virtual spoolej unit record or console device. The format of the :LOSE command
PRINTER PRT PUNCH PCH vaddr HOLD NOHOLD r , I Reader r , I Ivaddr !HOld I I I !NOHoldl I L L .I .I r r , , ICONsole PUrge I I I Printer I I ) !PUnch r ,
r , I I Ivaddr IHOld I r DIst distcode] INAme {fn CftJ}' I I , I NOHoidl I dsname I I , L L L .I L J J J
closes all reader spool files.
closes your virtual machine's console spool file. Once a virtual console spool file is closed, it becomes a printer
spool file and can be manipulated in the same way as any
printer spool file (for example, it can be purged or changed).
closes all printer spool files.
closes all punch spool files.
is the virtual address (cuu) of the device to be closed. The address may represent a reader, console, printer, or punch.
makes the output spool file being closed unavailable for
further processing, until it is specifically requested or
changed. However, input reader files are still available for
processing (see Figure 7). This option, specified in the CLOSE command, overrides any previously specified HOLD or NOHOLD option for the files being closed.
makes the output spool file being closed available for further
processing, but the input reader file is no longer available
for nrocessing (see Figure 7). Specify NOHOLD if a HOLD established by the SPOOL command is still in effect and the
current active file is not to be held. Yoa can release one of your own output files in HOLD status by
using the CHANGE command. If an output file is spooled for
another user (SPOOL FOR userid), only the receiving virtual machine user can the file sta tus. If an output fil_e is
spooled to another user as an input file (SPOOL TO userid),
the HOLD option places the input file in HOLD status. The
file then cannot be read by the virtual machine until it is
changed to NOHOLD by the receiving virtual machine user.
section 5. Format of CP Commands 53
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