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Section 2. The CP Command Language
The CP represent a set of interactive console functions that
are used (1) bV the operator to control the VM/370 system and (2) by a
user to control a virtual machine. In this publication, only those commanas that are used to control a virtual machine are fully Other commands are referenced only to the extent necessary
to show relationships and provide general knowledge. Privilege Classes fOi CP Commands
Each user of VM/370 is assigned one or more privilege classes as part of
the entry of the virtual machine. Each user class is
indicative of a specific function of a virtual machine and entitles the user a specific subset of the CP command language. Fiqure 3 lists each CP privilege class along with the associated type
of user ala function performed. Figure 3 also identifies the specific in which each class subset of :P commands is described in
detail. Figure 4 is a list of CP commands by privilege classes. users are functionally divided into seven classes (A through
G) with a correspondinq privilege class of CP commands, there is another
small of commands available to all users. The eighth group consists)f commands that do not belong to a privilege class because
they are used to perform certain basic functions that are required by
all virtlal machines, such as logging on, logging off, and sending
messages. These CP commands are in the Any class. This Plblication addresses itself as a reference manual for only the
class G and class Any subsets of the CP command language.
section 2. The CP Command Language 7
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