VM/370 SHAFED SEGMENT SUPPORT MODIFIED Program and Documentation VM/370 has modified the handlinq of
users who alter storage in shared
segments. The unshare process has been
enhanced to reflect this support.
The "Usaqe Notes" discussions for the ADSTOP, STOFF, and TRACE commands have
been documented to reflect this support. VM/370 SUPPORTS LINE SUPPRESSION PASSWORD-ON-THE-COMMAND- Proqram Feature VM/370 supports the suppression of the
enterinq of passwords on the command
line for LOGON and LINK The
intent is to force passwords to be
masked for security purposes.
The LOGON and LINK commands have been
updated to reflect this system
enhancement. Refer to the discussion of
these commands. MISCELLANEOUS Changed: Program and Documentation A new guidance section "CP Command Usage" has been added to Part 1. Various technical
changes have been
to this
xii IBM VM/37Q CP Command Reference for General Users
___ I- ",f: 1.JCl.1. ... Vl.. VM/370 SY3tem. Part 1. Guidance Information the publication contains general It contains three sections.
information about the 1. The VM/370 Command Languaqe" describes the VM/370 command the qeneral structure of the command lanquages. "SectiJn 2. The CP Command Languaqe" provides additional information
on the CP subset of VM/370 commands. "Se:::tiJn 3. CP Command Usage" describes a variety of user requests
via G CO commands. Part 1. Guidance Information 1
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