QUERY Command for Class G Users The format of the Class G QUERY command is:
r Ouery L TIME SET Time
Files [CLass c]
r I CHANnels ,GRAF ICONsole I DAsd ITApes I LINES rvirtualllUR , STORage ,ALL , ,vaddr[-vaddr ]1 L J Links vaddr
Reader pnnch Printer PF[ nn 1 PROCess r , Ispoolidl IALL I ,CLass c, L J r , I spoolidl IALL I ICLasS c, ITBL I L J j
displays the current time, time zone, weekday, date, connect
and processor time for the current terminal session. displays the status of the SET command functions. displays the current options in effect for your virtual
console environment. cpurD displays the 16-diqit processor identification that is in use by the virtual machine. Values within the CPUID can be set by
the directory OPTION statement or modified by the SET :PUID. FILES (CLASS c] VIRTUAL displays the number of spooled input and output files for your virtual machine. Files currently being processed are not
included in the totals. If CLASS is specified, the number of
spooled input and output files of the class specified is
displays the status of all virtual devices. 110 IBM VM/3 7 0 CP Command Reference for General Users
QUERY CHANNELS displays the channel mode of operation for the
virtual machine. GRAF displays the status of all your virtual display devices
that are locally attached. CONSOLE displays the status of your virtual consoles. aisplays the status of all your virtual direct access devices. displays the status of all your virtual magnetic tape
devices. LINFS displays the status of all your virtual communication
lines. UR displays the status of all your unit record devices. STORAGE displays the size of your virtual storage. displays the status of all your virtual devices. vaddr displays the status of the virtual device at address vaddr. displays the status of the devices within the
ranqe of addresses specified. LINKS vaddr
READER} T?FI NTEP' PUNCH displays the userid, device address, and access mode at the terminal for all users linked to the specified virtual address
(vaddr). range of virtual addresses is not supported by the LINKS operand.
displays the following information, pertaining to your closed virtual reader, virtual printer, and virtual punch spool files: nserid (of user who created the file) Spool file identification (spoolid) rlass and originating device type e Number of logical records in the file of copies specified for the file (has no effect for reader files) File hold status One line of information is displayed for each spool file.
displays additional information for one spool file. The
spoolid operand must follow the READER, PRINTER, or PUNCH operand. In addition to the information normally displayed for printer, or punch files, the following is also
displayed: Date and time the file was created. Filename and filetype of file (if any); if your file was
assiqned a dsname and you later issue QUERY, only the first 20 characters of the 24-character field are displayed. Distribution code of the file (printer and punch files
only) Section 5. Format of CP Commands 111
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