DIAL Use the DIAL command to logically connect a switched line, leased line,
or locally attached terminal to a previously logged-on multiple-access
virtual ma=hine. The format of the DIAL command is: r DIAL userid [vaddr]
L _____ _ userid vaddr
is the identification of a virtual machine that is currently loqgei on.
is the address of the virtual communication line to which the
connection is to be made.
1. A cJmmand is accepted only at logon, and only as a substitute a LOGON command. The type of terminal used must be supported by bJth V,/370 and the multiple-access virtual machine. See the for details on running and gaining
access to multiple-access machines.
2. The command is not supported for the 3066 system console, for
the 3210/3215 system console, or for terminals that are using Nep lines in a 3704/3705 control unit, but is supported for 3138, 3148,
and 3158 display consoles.
3. Once the connection is made, your terminal operates entirely under
the =ontrol of that virtual machine. The DIAL command matches your
terminal to an equivalent type defined in the multiple-access virtual machine. If no matching terminal type exists, the cannot be made and an error message is issued. 4. The DIlL command, though not supported for remote 3270 terminals, is slPPJrted for locally-attached 3270 display devices. If the command is issued from a local 3270 terminal, the virtual system user must issue the CP command RESET to drop the dialed TO userid vaddr is the messaqe sent to the user indicating that a logical cJnnection has been made. 70 CP Command Peference for General Users
(GRAF raddr} <LINE raddr DIALED TO userid DIALED = nnn (DEV resid
is the response to the primary system operator. It indicates a
slccessful connection to the virtual machine (userid) and the tJtal numrer of VM/370 lines (nnn) currently connected to other victual machines. DEV resid indicates the resource
identification of a 3704/3705 line. NJte: The terminal remains connected to and under the control of the-virtual machine until that virtual machine terminates the cJmmcrnication. DROP userid vaddr
is the messaae sent to the user when the line is disabled.
GRAF raddr}
LINE raddc DROP userid DIALED DEV cesid. nnn
is the message sent to the primary system operator when the line
is disabled.
section 5. Format of CP Commands 71
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