3. VM/370 provides one FCB image (FCB 1) with the following format: r , ILine spacing = 6 lines/inch 1 I 1 ILength of page 66 lines I I I I Page line 11 31 51 71 91 111 131 151 191 211 23, 641 1 1 I I 1 I I 1 I I I I 1 1 I 1 Channel skip 11 21 31 41 51 61 71 8 I 10 I 111 121 91 , 1 I 1 I 1 I I I 1 I I I L 4. Care should be taken to load a virtual 3203 or 3211 printer with
an FCB that is compatible with an PCB used in a real 3203 or 3211.
Failure to do so can produce unpredictable results,.
96 IBM VM/370 CP Command Reference for General Users
LOGOFF Use to terminate a virtual machine session and
disconnect your virtual machine from the VM/370 system.
the LOGOFF command is:
The format of r---- I LOGoff I LOGout
L rHOldl ______ J HOLD cetains the connection for a line to
enable you to log on without redialinq the VM/370 system.
1. causes all active spool files to be closed, temporary 1isks to be relinquished, dedicated devices to be detached, and an record to be created for the user.
2. should always log off at your terminal in addition to turning off on the terminal. Terminal power off is not synonymous
with loqoff.
If you turn power off at the terminal instead of logging off,
loqoff occurs by one of the following methods: -- Logoff
takes place after a 15-minute interval has elapsed. This occurs
if no attempt is made to turn terminal power on and re-establish with the still logqed-on virtual machine during
this 15-minute period. 1Q£ft! Terminal Logoff only takes place 15
minutes after VM/370 discovers that the terminal has been turned
off is, VM/370 attempts to send a message to the terminal, bcrt qets back an error code indicating that the terminal is
tJrned off). Because many hours may pass before VM/370 discovers that the terminal is turned off, you run the risk of
compromising the security of the virtual machine and data files.
Anyone turninq the 3270 power back on has access to the virtual without logginq on. This is because the machine is
still loqged on, although inactive.
CONNECT= hh:mm:ss mmm:ss.hs TOTCPU= mmm:ss.hs
CONNECT= hh:mm:ss
is the actual clock time spent in the current terminal session
in hours:minutes:seconds.
section 5. Format of CP Commands 97
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