DETACH Use the command to remove a virtual device from the virtual
machine. The format of the DETACH command is:
L {
fvaddr ••• ll}
rvaddr-vaddr ]
------, I I J
vaddr [vaidr ••• ]
the term vaddr is the virtual address (CUU) of the device to
be detached from your virtual machine. To detach multiple
devices on one command line, a blank must be inserted between
the addresses specified. To detach a range of devices, a
hyphen (-) must be inserted between the addresses specified. Multiole addresses and a range of addresses cannot be
intermixed on the same command line.
1. =an detach a previously attached device even if the device is currently in use. You can also detach devices that were attached
becaJse of VM/310 directory entries or during :P system
2. When you detach a virtual device, it becomes inaccessible to your
virtual machine. If the device was previously attached to your
virtual machine bV an ATTACH command, it is released and becomes
available for attachment to your virtual machine, another user, or
the CP system. Tape devices are automatically rewound and unloaded
when detached.
3. If detach a device that was previously attached to your virtual
machine bv the operator, a message is sent to the operator informing him that the device is free. 4. If the device being detached is a dedicated 2305, the virtual
address vou specify must be a base address (xxO or xx8). s. If a detach operation is taking place for a 2305 device and a range
is being used, processinq for all 2305 exposures is performed when
the base address is encountered. It is possible that the range operand may not include all the 2305 exposures. This is not an
error all exposures are detached. When multiple real devi=e addresses are specified on the command line, only the base
address for the 2305 should be used. Anv device address other than
the base exposure is considered an error condition. 66 CP Command Reference for General Users
6. Command processing does not terminate if an error (other than a error) is encountered when processinq a range of addresses
or mlltiple addresses. Instead, an error message is issued for
each device (address) that cannot be detached. In addition, an
informational message identifies those devices that were saccessfully detached. Informational messaqes may appear several in one command execution when a range of addresses or maltiple addresses are being processed. informational
messages appear only when range is being processed.
7. It is for a class B user to DETACH real devices from
another user or other users.
The DErACH command belongs to both the B and the G privilege class of
user; the response or responses issued are dependent upon who the
DETACH command. Depending upon the situation, responses are issued to: the general user whose virtual machine has the device to be detached the system operator informing him that the device is successfully
detached another B privilege class operator (not the system operator) that may
have initiated the detach operation.
This publication documents only those responses that the general user
would receive in the course of a virtual machine terminal sessiono For
those responses that are received by the system operator as a result of
a qeneral users detach operation, refer to the DETACH command in the gYiQ§· the 'tvpe' variable in the following responses is omitted when a
ranqe of addresses or multiple addresses are being reflected in the
(type vaddr ) DETACHED vad dr. ( vaddr-vaidr )
The user receives
completion of a
type vaddr } DETACHED
vad dr ••• vaddr-vaddr
one or more of
successful detach BY operator
these responses
operation that
upon the
was self
The user receives one or more of these responses upon the of the detach operation if the system operator or
another user with the B privilege class had initiated the detach
CTCA vadde DROP FROM userid vaddr
This is the response if the device detached was a virtual CTC! connected (via the COUPLE command) to another CTCA on the virtual
machine specified by the userid. This response is always followed bV the response:
section 5. Format of CP Commands 67
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