BEGIN Use the BEGIN command to continue or resume execution in the virtual
machine at either a specified storage location or the location pointed
to bV the virtual machine's current program status word (PSW). The
format of the BEGIN command is:
Beqin [hexlocl L ___________ _
hexloc is the hexadecimal storage location where execution is to
1. When BEGIN is issued without hexloc, execution begins at the address pointed to by the current virtual machine PSi. Unless the PSW has been altered since the CP command mode vas
entered, the location stored in the PSW is the location where the
virtual machine stopped.
2. When 8EGIN is issued with a storage location specified, execution
beqins at the specified storage location. The specified address the instruction address in the PSW, then the PSW is
None. The virtual machine begins execution. UR CP Command Reference for General Users
CHANGE Use the C5ANGE command to alter one or more of the external attributes
of a closea spool file or files. The format of the CHANGE command is:
CHanqe I Reader fLass C1}
spoolid pUnch ALL
l ' / tLass C1} Printer spoolid
ALL r \ I r
c2l I COpy nn
r , ,HOld , INOHoldl CLass c2 1 COpy [* ]nn
r , IHOld I INOHOldl L J DIst dist
FLash name nn l"OdifY na me
CHars nam e
FCB name2
r HNAme I I (r INAme I L I /
fn = ft J} I dsname I J
, {
dsname . I J
, IIOne of these operands mY§i be chosen; however, more than one may be I specified. They may be combined in any order on the command line, I except for NAME which, if specified, must be the last entry in the I command line. This is contrary to the notation normally used in thisl I publication. I 12You can specify NULL for the name field to nullify any previous or I I existing settings of the MODIFY, CHARS, or FCB operands. NULL is I I the default. I L J
changes the reader spool file.
changes the punch spool file.
changes the printer spool file.
designates an existing class. The class, c1,
one-character alphameric field from A through Z or
through 9. Befer to the detailed description of spool classes.
is a
from 0 for a
is the spoolid number of the file that is to be changed.
changes all your spool files.
changes the spool class of the file to c2.
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