TRACE The symbols are used in the responses received from TRACE: vvvvvv tttttt
xxxxxxxx yyyyyyyy ss ns zz
V vajd R rajd mnem
CC n
==> SEEK TRACE STARTED !1gg!li!lg virtual storage address
virtual transfer address or new PSW address
real storage address
virtual instruction, channel command word, :SW status
real instruction, CCW arqument byte (SSM-byte) for SSM instruction
new system mask after execution of STJSM/STNSM low order byte of R1 register in an execute instruction
(not shown if R1 register is reqister 0) referenced data
virtual device name (DASD, TAPE, LINE, CONS, RDR, PFT, PUN, GRAF, DEV)
virtual device address
real device address
mnemonic for instruction
interruption type (SVC, PROG, EXT, I/O)
interruption code number (in hexadecimal)
condition-code number (0, 1, 2, or 3)
Indirect data address list
virtual machine interrupt
privileged operations
transfer of control
read/write position on DASD device
This response is issued when tracing is initiated. TRACE ENDED
This response is issued when tracing is suspended. riO vvvvvv TCP xxxxxxxx type vadd CC n I/O vvvvvv mnem xxxxxxxx type vadd CC n t1pe radd CSW xxxx liD vvvvvv mnem xxxxxxxx type vadd CC n type radd CSW xxxx CAW vvvvvvvv CCW vvvvvv xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx rrrrrr YYYYY11Y Y1YYYYY1 CCW IDAL vvvvvvvv vvvvvvvv IDAL OOrrrrrr OOrrrrrr CCW SEEK xxxxxxxx xxxxxx SEEK 1Y1YYYY1 11YY The IDAL SEEK line is included only if applicable. The virtual IDAL
is not printed if the real CCW operation code does not match the real
164 IBM CP Command Reference for General Users
TRACE T.R!£!!I§: I!l§:tI.!!£:tiQTI: · .. VVVVVI7 SSM xxxxxxxx ss (normal SSM) · .. · .. vvvvvv Ss"'! xxxxxxxx ss tttttt (switch to/from translate mode) · .. · .. vvvvV'J' xxxxxxxx ns (normal STOSM) · .. VVVVVI7 xxxxxxxx ns tttttt (switch to translate mode) · .. · .. VVVVVI7 STNSM xxxxxxxx ns (normal STNSM) · .. vvvvvv xxxxxxxx ns tttttt (switch from translate mode) · .. · .. VVVVV'I LPSW xxxxxxxx tttttttt tttttttt (WAIT bit on) · .. · .. VVVVVI7 LPSW xxxxxxxx ==> tttttttt tttttttt (WAIT bit not on) · .. · .. vvvvvv mnem xxxxxxxx (all others) · .. VVVVVV Er xxxxxxxx zz vvvvvv mnem xxxx xxxxxxxx
For an instruction, where zz (see preceding explanation of symbols) is nonzero, the mnemonic for the executed instruction is given
as if the zz byte had been put into the instruction with an OR operation.
vvvvvv mnem xxxxxxxx xxxx VVVVVV mnem xxxxxxxx ==> tttttt
*** vvvvvv int code ==> tttttt ILQ (First line qiven only if "CSW" was specified) : CSW V vadd xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx R radd YYYYYYYY Y11YY11Y *** vvvvvv lID vadd ==) tttttt CSW xxxx (A 11 option selected)
Entry for from' instruction
vvvvvv mnem xxxxxxxx tttttt Entry for 'branch to' instruction
==> vvvvvv mnem xxxxxxxxxxxx
section 5. Format of CP Commands 165
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