PRINTER} QUERY DEV PUNCH CONSOLE Displays the contents of the tags associated with each device of
the specified class, as follows: {
, repeated for PUN vaddr TAG: I each device in CONS I the specified
tagtext ••••••••••••• I class J TAG QUERY DEV vaddr
Displays the contents of the tag associated with the specified devi=e, as follows:
ORT } PUN vaddr TAG: CONS taqtext •••••••••• if tag data exists
TAG NOT SET if the TAG command was never issued to that device. QUEFY FILE spoolid
Displays the contents of the tag associated with the specified
file, as follows:
taqtext •••••••••• if taq data exists
(TAG BLANK) if the tag is all blanks
(TAG if the file did not contain a tag because it was
either an input file the real card reader or
was an output file generated prior to Release
2 PLC 11. cP Command Reterence for General Users
TERMINAL Use the TERMINAl, command to control the following functions associated vith your virtual console: Logical line-editinq symbols Maskinq of password The APL character set The Text character set Siqnaling of an attention interrupt Attention handlinq mode for your virtual console Line length for output on your virtual console format of the TERMINAL command is:
r , I , I I I I 1 , , I I 1 I I I I TER'1inal r CHar del
ATtn MODE LINESize fN } 1 OFf char }
nnn 11 More than one function can be specified in a single entry of the I TERMINAL command. For example: I I TERMINAL CHARDEL OFF MASK ON LINESIZE 90 I 12 The TABCHAR operand is available on the 3278 Model 2A console.
defines the logical character symbol. If ON is
specified, the default symbol becomes the logical character delete symbol. The default symbol is normally m, but depends
on vhat is specified in your VM/370 directory entry. If OFF is specified, no loqical character delete symbol is If =har is specified, then that character becomes a logical
character delete symbol. The character chosen should be
unique and not common to the data stream being entered. When you loq on, CHARDEL ON is in effect; if your virtual machine is logqed on by the system operator via the AUTOLOG command, CHARDEL OFF is the default. Section 5. Format of CP Commands 157
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