QUERY vaddr c
[* lnn
is the virtual device address of the virtual printer or
is the output class assigned to spool files produced from
the device.
is the number of copies from 1 to 99 of each output
file to be produced. When the optional asterisk (*)
appears, the 3800 performs the duplication internally,
orovided the spool file contains sufficient information
to be spooled to the 3800 printer. If there is
insufficient information, the asterisk is ignored and
printing occurs normally on the printer assigned in the
spool file class. Further information can be obtained in the "Usage Notes" discussion of the SPOOL command. TQ userid indicates that the
becomes a reader Ilserid. output from the device, when closed,
input spool file for the indicated FOR userid
indicates the userid identification (spool file owner)
assiqned to spool files produced from the device.
distcode is the distribution code assigned to each spool file
produced from the device.
ctab clDod pcpi
is the number of copies that are printed while the forms
overlay frame is in place.
is the name of the forms overlay frame superimposed on
the output pages.
is the name of the character arrangement table used to
qenerate output.
is the name of the copy modification module used to alter
output text.
is the name of the FCB module used in the vertical
formatting of a page. The distcode in this case indicates the FOR userid; however,
the listcode produced on the output files when the file is closed is the distcode assigned to the FOR userid as specified in the directory.
The other fields indica te the setting of the respective
the SPOOL command.
The settings are: PlJN vaddr CL A NOCONT NOHOLD COpy 01 READY vaddr FOR userid DIST distcode
PRT vaddr CL A vaddr FOR vaddr FLASH NOCONT NOHOLD COpy 01 READY userid DIST distcode FLASHC 00 CHAR FCB
options i!'t
QUERY userid and distcode are assigned for the virtual machine. STORAGE = nnnnnK
The size of the virtual machine in multiples of 1024 bytes is displayed. Has the same effect as if all the followinq commands were issued: OUERY VIRTUAL STOFA.GE OUERY VIRTUAL LINES onEFY VIRTUA.L TAPE QUERY VI RTUAL UP QUERY VIRrUAL DA.SD VIRTUAL G'qAF QUERY VIRTUAL CONSOLE OUEFY VIRJ1UA.L C·1ANNELS The response is in the same form as QUERY VIRTUAL DASD, TAPES, LINES, or UR, dependinq on virtual device type. When a ranqe of addresses is
specified a response is used for each device within that ranqe. If vaddr corresponds to a 3330v (Mass Storaqe System's virtual 3330
volume) address, the followinq response is issued: DASD vaddr ON DASD vaddr
If vaddr the command line is a Mass Storage Control 3851 port
address, the followinq response is issued: MSC vaddr ON DEV vaddr
userid vaddr {
R/'if A list of users who are currently linked to the device at virtual
address vaddr is displayed.
section 5. Format of CP Commands 119
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