* Use the asterisk (*) to annotate the terminal console sheet or terminal
display screen data with a comment. This commentary also appears in the
virtual c)nsole spool file (if the console spoolinq function is invoked
for the virtual machine). The format of the * (comment) command is:
r---------- , *
L anycomment
42 IBM VM/370 CP Command Reference for General Users --, I _________J
#CP Use the i:P command execute a CP command while in a virtual macn1ne
command enviLonment without first signaling attention to get to the CP
command enviLonment. The format of the #CP command is:
r #CP rcommandline1 rlcommandline2 # ••• ]1
L , ______ J
commandline specifies the name and operands for you want to issue. You must =ommandline with at least one blank.
the CP command or
precede the first
1. The sign (Il shown in the preceding format is the VM/370 slpplied line end symbol. However, your installation can Ledefine the logical line end symbol currently in effect for your viLtlal machine. If you have redefined the logical line end tc
is an invalid command; you must substitute your line
end symbol for the pound sign when using this command.
2. FOL the command to operate, the following conditions must be met: The virtual machine must be operating with SET LINEDIT ON (a
default). The first three characters of the edited line (crppercase or lowercase) with the "t" representing
line end symbol currently defined.
must be #CP the logical At least one blank must separate the #CP from any command line. not use attention interruption in any part of the line or to
enter the line. If in a virtual machine command environment, the virtual machine mcrst have isscred a FEAD for at least four bytes of data. If the
READ is for less than three bytes, you must use the attention key to enter the CP environment. 3. You can enter multiple command lines as operands of the #CP command
provided that (a) the virtual machine's console READ is for at
least the number of bytes required to enter the entire line and (b)
all commandlines to ,be executed must be separated by the current
logical line end symbol. u. If enter #cp with no operands, the virtual machine enters the
CP CP cancels the virtual machine's console READ by retuLninq a unit exception status for the virtual console. The
virtlal operatinq system then reissues the console READ to allow you to key in the appropriate response to a previous message from
that machine's operating system. 5. If have previously issued a TERMINAL APL ON command, you cannot
issue the #CP command. This is because CP does not translate the #CP When APL is set on, CP uses a different set of
Section 5. Format of CP Commands 43
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