} OFF char LINESIZE nnn, MASK {g;F}, APL {g;p}, TEXT { ON } ATTN OFF, MODE u The settinqs of all functions that are controlled by the TERMINAL are displayed. Refer to the discussion of the TERMINAL
command for explanations of the functions. If LINEDIT is turned the loqical editinq symbols displayed are those that were in before line editinq was turned off. NQi§: The TABCHAF option of the QUERY TERMINAL command appears on
the 3278 Model 2A console screen. aabbbbbbccccdddd
is the 16-diqit processor identification associated with the
virtual machine.
is the version code; these two diqits are forced to X'FF' to identify that the virtual machine is running under VM/370. is the processor identification number; this field contains six hexadecimal diqits. This is the only part of the CPUID that can be modified bv means of the SET CPUID command or set
by the VM/370 directory's OPTION control statement.
is the model number; this field contains a leftmost digit of 0 followed by three digits of the model number (0-9). This
field defaults to the model number of the real machine.
is the machine check extended logout; this field is forced to X'OOOO' since CP does not reflect machine checks back to the
virtual machine. NQig: If the CPUIO is not supplied by the directory statement or
the SET CPUID command, then the CPUID associated with virtual machine(s)
is as follows:
aabbbbbbccccdddd A A A A FF(virtual I 'I real CPUID-----------=----J I I real S/370 Model No.-------------J I all 11U IBM CP Command Reference for General Users
QUERY The number of spool files in your system is displayed. If you specify the CLASS option with QUERY FILES, only the totals for the class yoa specify are indicated rather than for all classes on your
CHANNEL s= tW"l x J
The mode of the virtual machine channels is displayed.
This resoonse applies to all of the virtual machine channels except
channel 0, which is always a byte multiplexer channel, and any
channels with virtual or real channel-to-channel adapters, which are always selector channels. GRAP vaddr {ON DEV raddr' NOT READY j The status of all locally attached virtual display devices defined
to virtual machine is displayed.
vaddr is the virtual address to which the device is attached.
raddr is the real address of the device. READY shows the status of a virtual display device that has not
been attached via the DIAL command. CONS vaddr ON {
GRA F} LINE' raddr
{ CONT} { HOL D} {READY} CL c NOCONT NOHOLD COpy nn NJTREADY vaddr userid DIST distcode
For virtaal machine consoles, a three-line response is displayed.
The first line shows the console status and options and the next
two lines show the virtual console spoolinq status.
section 5. Format of CP Commands 115
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