TRANSFER Use the TRANSFER command to direct your input file to a specified reader
or to re=laim virtual reader files that you spooled to another user. format of the TRANSFER command is:
TRANsfer {
[ To] user i d l CLass c
ALL l From L
spoolid is the input file to be directed to or retrieved from the
named userid. CLASS is the class of input files that are to be transferred. is a one-character alphameric field with values from A
and from 0 to 9.
The c
to Z
ALL that all input spool files are to be transferred. [TO 1 userid FROM is the user to whom the files are to be directed. If the
optional keyword TO is omitted, the userid may not be TO or T.
The file is deleted from your reader if you use this option. {
is the user from whom input spool files are to be reclaimed.
ALL may be specified to reclaim input spool files that were
originated by your virtual machine from all users.
The TRANSFER =ommand does not transfer any active spool files. PDR FILE spoolid TRANSFERRED {TO } userid FROM spoolia TO IIser-i:'i is the spool file identification number of the file
that is spooled. The number does not change.
is the response to the user who transferred the file
verifyinq that userid is the recipient of the file. 166 IBM VM/370 CP Command Reference for General Users
FROM user id FROM uS9rid is the response
transferred file
to the user who
indicating that
userid is
is also the response to a
transferred file and userid is
the file was reclaimed.
user who reclaims a
the user from whom FILES TRANSFERRED is also a response you receive when you issue the TRANSFER command.
It is not displayed if you issued the CP SET IMSG OFF command line. Section 5. Format of CP Commands 167
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