In the above responses, 'type' is one of the following: IYQ§ DA5D TAPE
RDR T?RT PUN GRAF CONS CTCA DEY MSC Direct access storage device/3330Y(virtual) volumes
Maqnetic tape
Communication line
Card reader
Line printer
Card punch
Graphics device
Channel-to-channel adapter other device Storaqe Control unit IBM VM/370 CP Command Peference for General Users
DETACH CHANNEL Use the DETACH CHANNEL command to detach a iedicated channel from your
virtual michine when that channel path is no longer required for virtual
machine I/8 operations. The format of the DETACH CHANNEL command is:
r I I CHANnel c
CHANNEL c -, I I is the real address of the channel that is to be detached.
If DETACH is invoked prior to the normal completion of 1/0 activities on the dedicated channel, those activities are aborted. CHANNEL c DETACHED userid
is sent to the user who issued the and to the primary
system operator.
section 5. Format of CP Commands 69
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