QUERY userid
- {DSC }'
resid userid - {DSC }, ••• raddr
A list of all logged-on users is aisplayed; if the user is carrentlv connected, the real address (raddr), or the resource
identification of a 3704/3705 line (resid) to which he is connected is 1isplayed; if he is not connected the system, DSC is
The number of users logged on and dialed to is displayed.
nnn is the total number of logged-on users.
mmm is the total number of users attached via DIAL to virtual
Note: means the line is not available to CP because it is loqi=allv attached to a multiple-access virtual machine and is a
part of user's virtual machine operation.
userid -
The real address (raddr) or the 3704/3705 line (resid) to which the
resource identification of a
specified user is connected is
READY Use the READY command to
specified victual device.
r--------------- , READY, vaddr
set a device-end interruption pending
The format of the READY command is:
for a
------, I ____ -1 vaddr is a virtual device address (cuu).
1. The status of the virtual machine is unchanged.
2. Othec than having a device-end interruption pending, the virtual
device is unchanged. None.
Section 5. Format of CP Commands 125
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