1. A line end character in pfdata1 appears as a
carriaqe return in the response to a QUERY PFnn command.
2. In the case of PFnn COpy or PFnn TAB, the existence of
unnecessary or lack of trailing blanks may negate the function
and force the PF key to be recognized as pfdata. PROCESSOR mm ONLINEf,PROCESSOR nn ONLINE] The first processor displayed is the main processor. The second
processor aisplayed is the attached processor and this part of the only occurs if is runninq in AP mode. VK/370 is
ranninq in uniprocessor mode when the bracketed part of the
response is omitted.
122 IBM VM/370 CP Command Reference for General Users
au ERY Command for all Classes of Users (Except Class Any) rhis form of the QUERY command is for all classes of users except those
in the Any category. Use this form of the QUERY command to: Display the loq messages. List all the users that are logged on. Display the number of users that are logged on or dialed to VM/370. The fOLmat for this QUERY command is:
, I. Ouer Y I { LOGmsq I I Names
! ! Users I I userid
[userid] } I I I I L I LOGMSG displays the log messages of the day. NAMES USERS displays a list of all the users logged on and the real address of the line to which each is connected. If a user is
disconnected, the abbreviation DSC is printed instead of the
line address. displays the number of logqed on users and the number of users
loqically connected to other virtual machines. USERS useLid user id displays the user identification and the terminal device
address of the specified user if he is logged on. If the user
is not logqed on, a message to this effect is issued. Use the QUERY USERS userid format if the userid is the same as an
operand of the QUERY command (for example, TAPES). Note: It is possible for the number of users logged on as indicated by operand to differ from the number of users indicated by the "USEBS" operand if the QUEPY command is executed while users are in the process of loqqinq on or loqging off the systeme
* loqnsq text line 1
* logmsg text line n
All lines (roth those with an asterisk and without) in the log messiqe file are displayed. Section 5. Format of CP Commands 123
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