REQUEST Use the REQUEST command to make an attention interrupt pending at your
virtual c)nsole. The format of the REQUEST command is:
, I L
1. The REQUEST command performs the same functions as ATTN and the
two commands can be used interchangeably.
2.:p ignores the REQUEST command if I/O is in progress at the
console, or if other interrupts are pending. This condition mar occur if the user issues the REQUEST command using XIOS'. 126 IBM VM/370 CP Command Reference for General Users
RESET use the RESET command to clear all pending interrupts
virtual devi=e. The format of the RESET command is:
vaddr specified ___ J
vaddr is a virtual device address (cuuj of the device to be reset. 1. In adaition to clearing all pending interrupts, all error occurring as a result of unit checks and virtual sense
bytes are reset. 2. When the DIAL command is issued from virtlal system user must use the CP dialed connection.
a local 3270 command RESET terminal, the
to drop the DEVICE RESET i3 the response you receive upon the the successful completion of
the command.
section 5. Format of CP Commands 127
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