SPOOL Use the SPOOL command to modify the spooling control options in effect
for a given virtual spooling device or for a group of devices. The SPOOL command can also start or stop the spooling of virtual console
input and output. You can direct a file to a remote location by using
the SPOOL command in conjunction with the TAG command. This latter
function is discussed below in the section "Transmitting Files to Remote
Locations." The default values for this command appear under "Usage Notes" following the operand descriptions. The format of the SPOOL command is: SPool {
printer} PUnch vaddr
rr ,
r , r , r , ICONt I IHOld I IEOF I I NOConil INOHoldl INOEofl L .J L .J L .J , r , r , IIIQ I{USerid I' For, * I L .JSYSTEM }
IlcONt I ,!NOHoldl I L J L .J , I I I I OFF L
r , IFLash name nn21 IMOdify name
3 I IChars name
3 I IFCB name
3 I L .J
[ COpy[ * ]nn ]2
r , r , r , {
,STArt, IHOld I ICONt , vaddr J ISTOp I INORoldl r ,rr, , ITErm II ITo I(userid) I iNOTEr ii IFori< * L .JIL J{SYSTEM) I L .J L .J L .J
r CLass c] [COpy[ * ]nn ]
r , I FLash name nn2' IMOdify name
3 I IChars name
3 I I FCB name
3 I L .J
L .J
tAt least one of the options within braces must be selected; however,
more than one may be specified, and they may be entered in any order
on the command line.
2These options can only be used to modify a virtual spooling printer
Furthermore, these options only apply to a 3800 printer as a virtual
spooling device. 13You can specify NULL for the name field to nullify any previous or I existing settings of the MODIFY, CHARS, or FCB operands. NULL 1 is the default. L--- Section 5. Format of CP Commands 141
modifies the options for all reader spool files.
modifies the options for all printer spool files.
modifies the options for all punch spool devices.
modifies the options for the virtual console spool file and/or
initiates or stops the spooling of virtual console input and
output, including CP input/output.
is the virtual device address (cuu) of the virtual unit record
device or console whose options are to be modified. CLASS {*c} specifies .the spool class
one-character alphameric field
Z, or 0 throuqh 9.
of the device.
whose values can be
c is a A through CONT NOCONT HOLD Unless your virtual reader class is asterisk (*), you must
ensure that any files to be read by your virtual reader are of
the same spool class as your virtual reader. The * is the
universal class; if your virtual reader is class *, it can
read any file, regardless of class.
iqnores intermediate end-of-file indications or CLOSE requests. For virtual readers, reading is continuous, with
all end-of-file indicators ignored until all files spooled to
the virtual machine are read in. If this option is not in
effect, a unit exception is reflected to the virtual machine
at the end of each spooled file. CONT specified for the punch
or printer causes all CLOSE requests to be ignored until reset by NOCONT. If CONT is specified, NOCONT cannot be specified. NOCONT is the default. CaNT specifies that reading is to continue, without
interveninq end-of-file indications until all files in the
system that belong to the user are read. If CONT is not in
effect or is reset by specification of NOCONT, an end-of-file
indication is reflected to the virtual machine at the end of
each SPOOL file in the system. The nature of the end-of-file
indication to be reflected is set by the EOF and NOEOF options. If the . EOF option is in effect, end-of-file is
signaled by a unit exception: this corresponds to pressing
the end-of-file button on a real card reader. If NOEOF is in
effect for a virtual reader, end-of-file is signaled by the
reflection of a unit check/intervention required status.
resets the continuous spooling option. If NOCONT is specified, CONT cannot be specified. NOCONT is the default.
places all files created by the specified device in a user status. For READER files, this option specifies that
input files for the specified reader are not deleted from the
system after they are read. The status of all files must be
changed by the CHANGE command. The status of output devices is
changed by the SPOOL command. If HOLD is specified, HOHOLD cannot be specified. 11.J2 IBM VM/3'10 CP Command Reference for General Users
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