ATTN Use the ATTN command to make an attention interruption pending at your
virtual cJnsole. The format of the ATTN command is: r ATTN I L ________ _
-----------------------___________ J
1. The REQUEST command performs the same function as ATTN; the two can be used interchangeably.
2. The BEGIN command is not required after you issue ATTN.
3. CP the ATTN and REQUEST commands if I/O is in progress at
the console, or if other interrupts are pending. This condition
can occur if you issue the ATTN command using DIAGNOSE X'08'. None.
section 5. Format of CP Commands 47
BEGIN Use the BEGIN command to continue or resume execution in the virtual
machine at either a specified storage location or the location pointed
to bV the virtual machine's current program status word (PSW). The
format of the BEGIN command is:
Beqin [hexlocl L ___________ _
hexloc is the hexadecimal storage location where execution is to
1. When BEGIN is issued without hexloc, execution begins at the address pointed to by the current virtual machine PSi. Unless the PSW has been altered since the CP command mode vas
entered, the location stored in the PSW is the location where the
virtual machine stopped.
2. When 8EGIN is issued with a storage location specified, execution
beqins at the specified storage location. The specified address the instruction address in the PSW, then the PSW is
None. The virtual machine begins execution. UR CP Command Reference for General Users
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