CHANGE Use the C5ANGE command to alter one or more of the external attributes
of a closea spool file or files. The format of the CHANGE command is:
CHanqe I Reader fLass C1}
spoolid pUnch ALL
l ' / tLass C1} Printer spoolid
ALL r \ I r
c2l I COpy nn
r , ,HOld , INOHoldl CLass c2 1 COpy [* ]nn
r , IHOld I INOHOldl L J DIst dist
FLash name nn l"OdifY na me
CHars nam e
FCB name2
r HNAme I I (r INAme I L I /
fn = ft J} I dsname I J
, {
dsname . I J
, IIOne of these operands mY§i be chosen; however, more than one may be I specified. They may be combined in any order on the command line, I except for NAME which, if specified, must be the last entry in the I command line. This is contrary to the notation normally used in thisl I publication. I 12You can specify NULL for the name field to nullify any previous or I I existing settings of the MODIFY, CHARS, or FCB operands. NULL is I I the default. I L J
changes the reader spool file.
changes the punch spool file.
changes the printer spool file.
designates an existing class. The class, c1,
one-character alphameric field from A through Z or
through 9. Befer to the detailed description of spool classes.
is a
from 0 for a
is the spoolid number of the file that is to be changed.
changes all your spool files.
changes the spool class of the file to c2.
Section 5. Format of CP Commands 49
CHANGE :OPY[*lnn specifies the number of copies of the file to be spooled to the virtual output device. The option is valid for printer
and punch files onlv. The value of nn (number of copies)
must be a number from 1 through 99. For nn less than 10, the leading zero is optional. The optional asterisk (*) can be
specified on print files to be spooled to the 3800 printer.
The asterisk (*) forces the 3800 printer to perform the file duplication internally one page at a time. This option avoids retransmission of the print file to the virtual output
device every time a copy is desired. HOLD prevents the file from being printed, punched, or read until
it is released. The file released when the CHANGE command
is issued with the NOHOLD operand specified. NOHOLD releases the specified file from user HOLD status. DIST dist
chanqes the distribution code specified in the VM/370 directory to the distcode specified on the command line, for
the specified file only. The distribution code appears on the output separators of the printer and punch output; it has
no effect on reader files. FL1\SH name nn MODIFY nane CHARS name FCB name
signifies that a forms overlay contained in the 3800 printer
be superimposed onto certain pages of the output. The name,
one to four characters, identifies the forms overlay to be used in the projection. The number nn can be anything from 0 to 99. The number specifies the first nn pages of output are
to be superimposed. The default, 0, indicates no
superimposing is desired. a copy modification module to be used when printing a
file on the 3800. This function makes it possible to alter
text bv either preventing printing of certain information or adding labels to output. The must be one to four If the name is omitted, the file prints normally
without modification.
specifies the character arrangement table used when printing
a file. The name must be from one to four characters; it
determines which writable character generation module (WCGM) is used for printing on the 3800.
controls the vertical spacing of output on a page. The name
must be from one to four characters. NAME in fft 1 NAME dsna:ne assians identification to the spool file in the CMS format
filename and filetype. The field, fn, is a one-to
eight-character alphameric filename assigned to the file for
identification. The field, ft, is a one-to eight-character
alphameric filetype assigned to the file for identification.
If ft is not specified, the filetype is set to blanks.
assigns identification to the spool file in a non-eMS format.
The field, dsname, is a 1-to 24-character field suitable for
specifying as or DOS files (for example, SYS1.SYSLIB.MYMAC). 50 IBM VM/370 CP Command Reference for General Users
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