1. Issue the QnERY command to determine the current attributes of the
2. In order to chanqe an output file, the file must have been closed blt not selected for printing or punching.
3. An input (READER) file can be changed at any time before it is openea, that is, before the first read is issued for the file. Use the QUERY command to verify the new attributes of the file or
files. If the spoolid operand is used and if more than one spool file with that number exists, then only the first spool file encountered is
6. Uniqle to spool class X is a special line of text that can be printed on the separator page and at the top of each page of
printer output. The default line internal to the system's program is a line of blanks. If you wish to use this spool class X facility, ask your system programmer to modify the text to your
7. In order to print on the 3800, the name the user specifies in the FLASH option must match the FLASH name the VM/370 operator
specifies in the START command, unless the FLASH number nn is o. If the number is 0 or the FLASH option is omitted, a file still
prints on the 3800 as long as the spool file class matches the
print class desiqnated by the installation for the 3800. If a user
fails to meet these requirements, the spool file is submitted to
another printer and the special 3800 print options are ignored.
8. When a spool file containing special 3800 options is spooled to a
printer other than the 3800, the options are ignored and printing occurs normally.
9. An FCB name of 6, 8, or 12 avoids an FCB forms mismatch. These
special FC3 specifications print the entire spool file at 6, 8, or
12 lines per inch regardless of the paper size. VM/370 calculates
the proper FCB form to load. 10. When the 3800 printer is activated, the operator specifies the
character arranqement table and the FCB value that prints the separator page for every output file. If a user omits the CHARS option on a file spooled to the 3800, the printing defaults to the character arranqement table previously defined by the operator.
This is also the case for the FCB option.
11. issues a message to the user whenever a file spooled to the 3800 printer contains invalid or undefined option names. If the operator has not automatically purged the file, the user can correct the situation via the CHANGE command or spool the file to
another printer.
nnnn} FILES NO section 5. Format of CP Commands 51
CHASGE This is the response when you issue the CHANGE command. This is an indi=ation of the number of files changed. It does not reflect individual alterations to a given file. This message does not
appear if you have issued the CP SET IMSG OFF command line.
52 VM/370 CP Command Reference for General Users
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